Andrea Sarri

Constantly seeking new modes of expression, cutting-edge creations, thanks to a tireless curiosity and openness to comparison. Convinced that only a cuisine that is modern but deeply rooted in the territory to which it belongs is the key to the catering of the future; he creates a fil rouge between matter, quality, tradition and innovation.


Borgo Prino, a fishing village, with pastel-colored houses arranged in a continuous line facing the sea. A location that tells the story of a land, where agricultural and seafaring traditions intersect. A land of contrasts that have been in balance since the dawn of time. It is this delicate balance, carried by the waves of the sea, that inspires Sarri.

Creativity and innovation, memory and territory, amalgamated with the goal of creating experiences of the highest quality.

And the ever-living passion.

Sarri was born out of a desire to renew and create a current format, while keeping tradition as a beacon. From this idea, the whole project was developed: from the dishes to the furniture to the staff.